Know your audience

The competition for resources is getting quite tough throughout the Puget Sound. Prices across the board are going up – home values, property taxes, the cost of doing business, even the price of a burrito. So we decided, last May, to totally uproot our lives in Seattle, and move to the Willamette Valley. And since getting down here in November, I have had to really readjust my expectations. Money is worth a lot more here (great!) but the quality of what you get for it is not always what I have come to expect. And the reality of that disconnect […]

March 29th, 2017|Consulting, Life Story, Rant, Willamette Valley Life|

Origin Story

Why a consulting firm? Why now?

I’ve been working, mostly in small businesses, since quite a while ago – my professional career is old enough to legally drink or responsibly have kids. When I was taking a break from college, I started working with my parents at what was then called Ross Yockey Communication. I did everything from networking the computers to transcribing endless hours of footage for corporate training videos to planning client events.

I loved what I was doing, and I loved working with my family, but I hated where I was doing it. I had the opportunity to work […]

June 1st, 2015|Consulting, Life Story|