Know your audience

The competition for resources is getting quite tough throughout the Puget Sound. Prices across the board are going up – home values, property taxes, the cost of doing business, even the price of a burrito. So we decided, last May, to totally uproot our lives in Seattle, and move to the Willamette Valley. And since getting down here in November, I have had to really readjust my expectations. Money is worth a lot more here (great!) but the quality of what you get for it is not always what I have come to expect. And the reality of that disconnect […]

March 29th, 2017|Consulting, Life Story, Rant, Willamette Valley Life|

Culture isn’t the culprit….

I was at a Barnes & Noble recently and I saw a Harvard Business Review, prominently displayed near the checkout. Whether or not I think it’s appropriate that the endcap had HBR featured alongside Playboy and Seattle Met isn’t particularly important (I don’t), but this cover caught my eye and made me SO MAD that I had to shell out $17 to buy it.

IMAG0210I was mad because of course you can fix culture. You can also break culture. Either way, culture is a changeable, “fixable,” known quality of any business. So I read the article, […]

April 13th, 2016|Consulting, Rant|