Beth Yockey Jones? What a whirlwind! A veritable burst of intelligence combined with RIGHT NOW savvy, mental acuity and good-vibe energy. Beth worked at my growing vegetarian meat company for a number of years. She joined us just as our growth began to gain momentum and Beth was able to respond to the changing demands with grace, flexibility and competency. Beth is a quick study; understanding our culture quickly, making it her own and then adding to it. She has excellent communication and organizational skills.
David Lee, President & Founder of Field Roast Grain Meat
I love working with Beth. She has a rare ability to turn complicated and unwieldy systems into something that’s clear, efficient, and manageable for the long term.
Dominic Canterbury, President, Turbine Agency
Creative, productive, and genuine — Beth is a rare star and valued consultant. Her highly methodical and professional approach keeps projects to schedule. Having a genuine passion for her clients, her community, and her work, Beth is a pleasure to work with.
Alex Frakking, Founder & CEO of Hit Laboratories
[After working with Beth}, I was able to increase my fees by about a third (to start) to reflect the savings I could deliver to my client. As a result, I have been getting higher quality clients who understand that quality does not come cheap and that I have a right to make a profit like them. Now I am able to make 50% more profit while working the same number of hours.
Keith Gormezano, Dr. Quickbooks
The process was excellent, and the end product exceeded expectations – particularly considering that we operated from opposite ends of the country. Beth brought clarity to a complex field with an effective outcome.
Todd Mansfield, President & CEO of Crescent Communities