What We Do

The Operational Review and Assessment is the foundation on which YJC is built. An ORA provides you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, including administrative and technology capabilities, and it looks closely at your company’s key performance indicators using an outsider’s unique perspective. Though the process is highly collaborative, deliverables include actionable roadmaps for improving areas in need of increased efficiency.

Operational Reviews are often  conducted prior to offering a business for sale, to quickly “stage” the business to make it more attractive to investors. If your business is considering this strategy, YJC has a very competitive and scalable package specifically tailored to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Strategy can be a time-consuming endeavor when you’re focused on running your business and making it profitable. We will work with you to develop a solid strategic plan to communicate effectively with your stakeholders and constituents. Though you drive your company’s goals, using an external consultant for strategic planning assistance is invaluable since the outsider’s perspective can pinpoint misalignments, conduct anonymous competitor research, and ensure that your strategic goals are both measurable and realistic, two common pitfalls in the planning process.

YJC has successfully developed strategic plans for organizations of all sizes, both in the non-profit and for-profit areas. For a sample strategic plan or to find out more about the process of partnering on your strategic plan, please contact us for more information.

Communication strategy is a broader endeavor than saying “we need a Twitter” or defining your marketing budget. Communications strategy starts with an internal plan: how do you communicate with your internal resources and stakeholders about changes or plans coming through the pipeline, and how can that internal messaging work with, rather than against, your external marketing efforts?

A comprehensive communication strategy will include coordinated deliverables across all audiences and vehicles, concise key messages, detailed timelines and actionable metrics. All supported by a range of tactics used to engage your audience internally and externally. Communications is just one part of your organization’s overall engagement. Ensure that your strategy is well aligned with your objectives and audience by reaching out to YJC.

When your business is considering implementing any new system, whether an ERP or HR management or production system, defining requirements is the first and most important step. Requirements Definition is a time-consuming process that can benefit greatly from an external project manager like YJC. Ideally requirements are defined early in a project’s lifecycle so that the bids you receive are meaningful and help you compare like-to-like.
Often, business leaders need to present reports to their boards or investors that include a high level of detail in a simple and easily-digestible format. YJC can assist you with finding the right entry point into your business intelligence to get the most out of your data and present it in a readable and comprehensive format. We also have designers on-call who can translate your statistics into infographics when appropriate.

We have the background in query languages and business analysis as well as impeccable business writing skills to make sure that your report uncovers the right information and presents it in the most optimal way.

As part of our organizational assessment practice, we have learned that sometimes, a small solution can make a big impact. In many organizations, administrative or other operations processes have grown in an ad hoc, organic manner. If so, you can realize a significant benefit from having a fresh set of eyes look at how you get your work done. From reorganization of your staff into more efficient work cells to macro automation in Excel, an external workflow analysis can identify easy-to-implement solutions that can lead to significant efficiencies.
Institutional knowledge can create significant risk in a business. To mitigate risk, it’s important to have thorough and transparent procedures in place for each aspect of your organization’s processes and actions. Having an external manager work in tandem with your staff can ensure that procedures are thorough, replicable and easily updatable on a pre-defined schedule. Once the framework has been created, your staff can maintain the documents and save you from the risk that a critical function will be lost if a key staff member has an unexpected separation from the company.
As part of our Strategic Planning practice, YJC is experienced and adept at developing metrics which are meaningful to your situation. We have developed balanced scorecards, metrics for administrative staff which query their already-in-use calendar program, and others depending on the individual needs. Through an affiliate research company, we are also able to benchmark how successful companies in your field are performing so you can measure your relative success against theirs.
Risk Analysis is a broad category of inquiry that attempts to define all the bad things that could happen to your business. In most cases, businesses have a risk analysis or a continuity plan but it may be horribly out of date, untested, or worse, incomplete. A review of your risks from an external source can give you the peace of mind that can’t be gained from having insurance. Continuity planning is a constant process of discovery and mitigation. Contact YJC to learn more about this service.