Quick Fixes pt. 1

When I look at a potential partner or client website, often my first check is the footer. When I see ©2009 or  even earlier, red flags go off in my mind. I decided to research further why that copyright footer is there, and what exactly it means.

  1. The copyright symbol is used to indicate the last major update to content. So technically ©2009 may be appropriate for your site, but if content is that old, perhaps it’s time for an overhaul.
  2. The symbol often precedes a date range, with first publication date through the current year. This indicates that the website has been online and published over […]
June 29th, 2015|Consulting, Free Advice, Websites|

Origin Story

Why a consulting firm? Why now?

I’ve been working, mostly in small businesses, since quite a while ago – my professional career is old enough to legally drink or responsibly have kids. When I was taking a break from college, I started working with my parents at what was then called Ross Yockey Communication. I did everything from networking the computers to transcribing endless hours of footage for corporate training videos to planning client events.

I loved what I was doing, and I loved working with my family, but I hated where I was doing it. I had the opportunity to work […]

June 1st, 2015|Consulting, Life Story|