It’s a tried & true cliche – the first step to success is getting out of your own way. And there are THOUSANDS of self-help books on Amazon. So I’m just adding my own two cents to the dialogue of how you can do it.

For many of the businesses that I work with, the major obstacle that they face is their own talent. I see this behavior frequently – they are amazing architects, or designers, or lawyers. And that’s all well and good, but it’s not enough to make their entrepreneurship successful. If it were, we would have a very different business environment. These business people need to see outside themselves, and one of the ways that YJC can help businesses become more successful is by elevating the vision to a higher perspective.

To speak to a recent experience, I was working with a designer who obviously does great work. She is insanely talented, and has an innate skill of laser focusing on the message that her clients need conveyed. But – and there’s always a but – she has not been able to grow her business because of that talent. She’s essentially a one-trick pony. Not a bad thing, that kind of specialization, but a real obstacle to entrepreneurial success. (Of course, if she wanted to work for someone else, that niche would get her great bonuses, but that path isn’t hers.) When she (or anyone) makes the decision to go into business for themselves, they are telling themselves that they agree to do all the rest of the business stuff. That means developing workflows, taking responsibility for contract management, customer relationship stuff, taxes, accounting, marketing, sales, and all the rest.

Now, this designer was functioning, serving her clients very well, but not serving herself. To bring up a second cliche, the cobbler’s children have no shoes – the designer’s website was outdated, and her own brand needed a refresh. So YJC came in and assisted her in developing a workflow that allowed her to focus on the design work itself, and partnered with her to develop a job description for her ideal assistant.

YJC can help take the higher perspective – what part of your talent is standing in the way of your business’s success?